Stress is a Thief of Joy

There are many reasons to avoid stress – From the health challenges stemming from stressful situations to the drain stressful people have on your mood, and everything in
between. Stress causes weight loss, weight gain, bad skin, anxiety, depression, and… it robs your joy!

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Every person alive has a set of core values and beliefs about life that influences the
vision they have of the future and even sometimes the past. These core values and
beliefs are often developed in childhood and can be strongly tilted toward success or
failure, as well as abundance or lack.

The Effect Core Values, Beliefs, and Vision Have on Your Personal Development

Businesses are a complex mass of inter-dependent pieces working together to delivergoods and services. When crisis hits, these pieces can shatter if there isn’t a plan inplace. If a key person were to be metaphorically hit by a bus, the whole business couldimplode. Having an identifiable location where vital information is coordinated andstored will make […]

Creating A Hit-By-A-Bus File Can Save Your Business During a Crisis

All businesses have problems. Getting to the root of the problem helps rectify things and
get them back on track. You don’t have to have a degree in mediation to solve business
problems, but it helps to have some important problem-solving skills.

Problem Solving Skills That Work for Business

There you are minding your business and doing important work when all of a sudden,
crisis hits. The shock and disbelief can make your head spin and the panic has the
potential to make you react too quickly in the wrong ways. Before you have a knee-jerk
reaction to a crisis be sure to follow some top tips.

3 Top Tips to Manage Your Business Crisis

When it comes to crisis management it’s better to follow the Boy Scout motto and be
prepared. Doing what you can to prevent crisis entirely is worth the time and effort.
Waiting to cross that bridge when you get there can leave you unprepared to fight the
fire when the bridge goes up in flames.

Prevention is Worth the Time and Effort

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Kindness is contagious?” Most sayings like this come tobecome widely known because they’re based in truth. Research has found scientific evidence forthe fact that kindness can spread in various ways. You’ve surely experienced or witnessedinstances in which someone has paid it forward or a movement has spread based on […]

Inspire Others To Pay It Forward

There are so many ways to reach out and be kind to others. We’ve discussed doing so in big ways
and with the simplest of acts. Today, I’d like to explore some of the ways you can use your voice
to make a difference in the lives of those around you. We all have preferred communication
methods. Using your preferred approach can make performing random acts of kindness less
stressful or intimidating. Keep reading to discover what I mean.

Use Your Voice To Make A Difference

We’ve talked a great deal about the ways that small acts of kindness can have powerful results.
They can truly change someone’s outlook and brighten their day. Today, I’d like to move on to
discuss ways to give back and share with others that involve more effort. If you have the time,
money or other resources to give, there are a lot of ways to make a big impact on the world
around you. These types of activities may not be for everyone, but they’re certainly worthwhile if
you are able to take part in them. Let’s explore some of the large-scale random acts of kindness
you can take on if you want to provide in a grand way.

Make a Big Impact On The World Around You

One thing I’ve learned along the way to becoming proficient at performing random acts of kindness
is that it takes practice and creativity. I’ve already shared some ways for you to get started on your
own do-gooder practice, but you still may not be convinced. Doing something for others doesn’t
have to take much effort at all. It also doesn’t have to cost a dime. Let’s take a look at some ways
you can reach out and brighten someone’s day in the easiest way. You can never have too many
good examples.

Random Acts of Kindness Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated or Expensive