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Doing Things For Others Makes Us Happy

Here’s a question for you. What have you done today to bring a smile to someone else’s face?

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Integrity is the most important of the four pillars on which authentic, long-lasting confidence is built. Integrity in this sense isn’t referring to one’s moral code or how honest you are. Plenty of immoral people have confidence, after all.

How Integrity Builds Confidence 

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Excellence means to excel in the things you do regularly. This can refer to skills you use at work, in your hobbies, or in anything else that matters to you. Furthermore, it doesn’t just mean excelling per se, it means working to excel. The more you work towards improving your skills, the stronger this pillar will become.

The Four Pillars Of Confidence: Integrity, Wisdom, Success, and Excellence 

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Confidence comes in many different forms, and some of them are temporary while others are longer-lasting or permanent. When you work to build your confidence, you want to concentrate on building up the latter kind.

Why You Want to Build a Solid Foundation of Confidence

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