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Doing Things For Others Makes Us Happy

Here’s a question for you. What have you done today to bring a smile to someone else’s face?

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Most people usually think of marketing as just advertising or selling, but it’s more than
that. Marketing is also about educating potential consumers and is a huge and vital key
to successful marketing.

The True Role of Marketing Educating Potential Customers


You may have heard people say that a solid keyword strategy is all you need to improve
your website’s SEO. Unfortunately, this is a myth that can hinder your online success.
While keywords are important, they alone aren’t enough to make your website stand out
and rank high on search engines. Instead, utilizing a holistic SEO strategy is crucial,
which focuses on optimizing your entire website from top to bottom.

Why a Holistic SEO Strategy Yields Better Results


You likely understand the importance of data in making informed decisions as a
business owner. After all, data is power; the more you have, the better your decision.
But sometimes more data is not always better.

Finding a Balance: When to Collect More Marketing Data and When to Stop


Defining marketing success beyond only numbers opens doors to a plethora of
opportunities not regularly considered.

How to Define and Measure Marketing Success Beyond Numbers


As a business owner, you may be tempted to rely on one marketing channel, like social
media or blogging, to get the word out about your offers

The Risks of Relying Solely on One Marketing Channel


If you watched the 90’s hit sitcom Friends, you know that the character Joey was famous for his line “How you doin’?” His flirtatious quip was cute and cut to the chase.

Assessing Your Personal Fulfillment – How You Doin’?


Why do you get up in the morning? Are you motivated by a purpose or driven by a passion or pet project that gets a lot of your attention?

The Purpose Driven Life – Living for Something Bigger Than Yourself


Believe it or not, customer service and marketing are not two separate entities. If you
think they are, you’re making a huge mistake. A positive customer experience is crucial
to marketing success and can be the difference between your business thriving or just

Why a Positive Customer Experience is Crucial to Marketing Success


Are you one of the misinformed folks who think that email marketing is dead or does not
work anymore?

Why Email Marketing is Still Relevant Today