Managing Emotions When You Feel Disappointed

3 months ago

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Disappointment is a universal issue that everyone faces from time-to-time. That may not
make it feel any better when you are steeping in the emotions that come with
disappointment. Feelings like:
● Sadness
● Anger
● Confusion
● Bitterness
Disappointment can cause messes that have to be cleaned up despite feeling super
emotional. Managing the emotions that come with disappointment can keep the issue
from taking on a life of its own. So, how do you manage your emotions when you are
feeling anything but positive?
Here’s how
Take a day – or two: Take a day or two to feel all the feels. Feel everything that comes
up thanks to that disappointment. Feel the anger, the sadness, the betrayal, or insert-
emotion-here. You deserve to acknowledge how you feel and let the emotions rage. For
a day – or two. Don’t let the emotions take over. They can actually overshadow the
disappointment and make things bigger or worse than they have to be. Give yourself a
bit of time, then move into problem solving or healing mode.
Practice self-care: Whether it’s on the day – or two – of your personal pity party or after
you’ve decided to move on and move up, practice self-care. Get enough sleep, eat
right, exercise. Get a mani and a pedi or whatever gets you feeling better while you
manage your emotions.
Talk about it: Find someone who is available to help you talk through your
disappointment. Find someone trustworthy with a level head who will listen and not add
to the problem or encourage you to do regrettable things. Having someone to talk to can
help you manage any emotions you are having.

Get some perspective: Sometimes your emotions are out of whack in comparison to
the situation. Getting some perspective can help keep things from being out of control or
dramatic. If you tend to exaggerate or allow emotions to grow bigger than they need to
be, get some perspective. Not every disappointment is the end of the world or requires
an extreme reaction.
Emotional reactions to disappointment are normal; however, you don’t have to let the
emotions take on a life of their own. You can manage your emotions and let the
disappointment come and go naturally.

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