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Doing Things For Others Makes Us Happy

Here’s a question for you. What have you done today to bring a smile to someone else’s face?

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Being adaptable and resilient as a neurodivergent entrepreneur is challenging – there is
no doubt. But the good news is that these skills are required for all entrepreneurs for
growth and success, and you’re more than capable! When you understand what needs
to happen with your own mindset, it all becomes so much simpler.

How to Adapt and Be More Resilient as a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur


Being neurodivergent is both a challenge and an opportunity for entrepreneurs,
depending on how you approach it. People with neurodivergence often have unique
perspectives, strengths, and weaknesses they use to their advantage when launching a
business. While there are many advantages associated with being neurodivergent as an
entrepreneur, some challenges must be faced to succeed.

How to Overcome Weaknesses to Succeed as a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur


Tiffany Wachtler,  The Founder/CEO at Kindness Concierge helps you show up for people that you love.  We share tips on being an entrepreneur and how we find our why.

The Kindness Concierge


A neurodivergent brain type does not have to be seen as a hindrance when setting up and running a successful business. People with various neurodiverse conditions, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and anxiety, can use their unique skills and talents to become successful entrepreneurs. A neurodivergent identity gives you a distinct perspective and creative approach […]

How to Unleash Your Strengths as a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur


Encouraging positive growth and in the youth of SWFL with Tasheekia Harris We share tips on being an entrepreneur and how we find our why.

Chatting with Tasheekia Harris and Protecting Your Pearls


Being a successful neurodivergent entrepreneur is possible but requires hard work and
dedication. Through recognizing your strengths, making connections, creating a
supportive environment, anticipating challenges, and prioritizing self-care, you’ll be well
on your way to unlocking your potential as an entrepreneur with a neurological
difference. With the right mindset and resources, nothing will stand in the way of your

How to Unlock Your Potential as a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur


These steps are just the beginning of developing a successful business mindset as an
aspiring neurodivergent entrepreneur. As long as you stay focused and motivated,
there’s no limit to your life. It may not be easy, but the rewards of owning your own
business will make it all worthwhile. So, take the plunge today and start building your
dream career.

How to Develop a Business Mindset as a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur


Empathy allows you to hone in on your emotional intelligence, the ability to recognize, understand and manage your emotions and those of others. A high level of emotional intelligence is required to deal with complex business matters or difficult decisions that need extra consideration and thoughtfulness.

The Power of Empathy for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs


The entrepreneurial journey is often filled with unexpected challenges and roadblocks.
An action plan is crucial so you know how to respond to tough decisions. Don’t forget to
ask for help if needed. The right guidance could make all the difference.

How to Navigate the Entrepreneurial Lifecycle with Neurodiversity