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Welcome to The Fashionista Life!

I have always loved fashion, baking and cooking, gardening and the color pink.

I created this blog to share fashion, recipes, beauty, thoughts on motherhood, life, travel and inspiration.

I grew up on a small dairy farm in Minnesota and I have 5 siblings. I never really knew how truly lucky and blessed I was to have lived that life until I became a mom. We never had a lot of money, so we made do with what we had. We truly did live off the land, learned how to sew, cook and we all worked very hard. It really prepped me for life as a wife, mom and entrepreneur. 

I went on to several different jobs and I graduated college after 8 Years (yes, I worked 3 jobs all while going to school, so it took Forever!)  I loved being part of the pageant and modeling community as I am a former Ms. Petite Minnesota. Bring in pageants naturally brought me to the world of acting and modeling (to which I love to this day!) I enjoyed a long career in the modeling and acting areas doing things from ShopNBC to national and local commercials and print.  It was a very fun time in my life. 

I then started and owed a wedding and event planning business and bridal shop for 12 years before moving to Florida. 

In Florida my husband and I started True Fashionistas, a lifestyle consignment and resale store. It took everything I loved and put it into one (I just love fashion and home decor) and it is like Christmas everyday with new things coming in every hour…so much fun! The real reason we started True Fashionistas is because I had fond memories of growing up and going to garage sales with my grandma. We would find clothes (we could not afford to go to a regular store to get new clothes) my grandma would then alter them to fit us.

Thanks for visiting The Fashionista life and I sincerely hope you find some gold nugget that will help you live life like a Fashionista!

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